Why pick me?

After working as an actor in the UK and LA for several years, I realised my true passion was photography. I love the variation of the medium and helping performers get the shots they really deserve.

I have sat for headshots in London, New York and Los Angeles. So I’ve seen the good, the bad and the bizarre. I’ve tried to play it cool in the big agent boardroom. I’ve tried to stay calm before pitching to a studio exec. So I get that there are other things you care about and there is a lot on an actor's mind.

I understand for some, headshots are an annoyance, and for others it’s ten outfit changes and the chance to shine in front of the camera. Whatever your circumstances, you deserve to have beautiful and engaging headshots that represent you in the best light.

It’s my job to get you the headshots you need. Let’s put an end to boring or over the top headshots that don’t help you. Let's get you the headshots that you’re happy to go out into the world with, that represent you and what you’re about.

I push for a consistent high level headshot and portrait photography for every client whether you’re an actor starting out in your career, a novelist, business woman or you are celebrating your big studio film premiere. I understand that some people simply want to dive in, get the shot and leave, whilst others prefer a bit of a laugh and experimenting. What makes you comfortable will produce great headshots and that’s what Mark J Elias photography is all about.

No more boring headshots or portraits. Simply relaxed professional shots you love.

Any questions? Just ask!


Headshot & Portrait Pricing

The Student - £175

One hour to get one perfect look. Ideal for those looking to refresh their image in one brief session. We will shoot around 100 images. Low resolution images will be transferred to you and you can select your favourite for retouching.

The Professional - £220

A few hours to shoot multiple looks. It’s often hard to know exactly which outfit, hair styling or little extra touch that will make you pop, until you’ve played around in front of the camera. This option gives you the time to find out. We can shoot for three hours achieving 300+ images for you to select 3 for retouching.

The Portfolio - £500

A full on session. We can shoot until you are happy. Some people want to try a lot of looks and know they won't be happy until they see them. Perhaps you need actor and model portfolio images or a mix of lifestyle and portrait for a full variety to use on your website.

I can work with you to produce incredible images that capture you in a creative and unique way. I can source make up artists and stylists too, if you really want to go all out (subject to additional cost). Approximately 700+ images provided to you in a gallery. All images kept safe and secure on file for 18 months.

Additional retouches and selections can be made for the cost of £25 per image as part of all packages.

The “I’m out of gas”

Dedicated to the friendly stranger who paid for my petrol whilst on route to my first ever professional portrait session in downtown LA. Every now and then I will schedule a pay what you can. Send a 2 minutes or less video to info@markjelias.com with a goofy story, telling me why you need these shots and if it makes me laugh/cry, and my schedule permits, we will shoot together!